The recently revealed poster represents the centerpiece of Taiwan Excellence's campaign for this year's BMW Berlin Marathon. Developed through a creative exchange between the Taiwan Excellence project team in Taipei and the talented illustrators from ITMS Marketing in Bad Nauheim, the key visual combines Taiwanese and German graphical elements to reflect the common pursuit of sporting excellence that is central to the running of the Berlin marathon.

For a second year in a row, a lot of creativity was invested in the development of the campaign key visual which is much more than "just" a poster. The resulting visual is a work of art equally appealing to Taiwanese and German eyes and popular with fans of the marathon as a souvenir. The artwork depicts five runners who have just passed the Brandenburg Gate and are on the home stretch to the finish line. In the background, Taipei 101, one of the world's most famous skyscrapers and well-known landmark in Taiwan, towers over the famous gateway along with Berlin’s historic Reichstag.

An important element of the 2020 poster is once again the motto for the marathon campaign: “Everyday Excellence”. It conveys the message that the extraordinary does not only play a role on one day - but on all 365! This philosophy also constitutes the foundation of Taiwan Excellence itself: The business initiative from Taiwan regularly honors products that are outstanding examples of the quality, innovation and performance of Taiwanese industry with the prestigious "Taiwan Excellence Awards".

Searching for the best of the best, there is of course no way around the BMW Berlin Marathon, which is why Taiwan Excellence is once again a proud sponsor of this year’s race. With the start of the campaign, the quest for runners also begins, because as in previous years, ten starting places in the Taiwan Excellence Team will be awarded to runners from Germany.

Even in these uncertain times, it doesn't hurt to be inspired by the key visual and take one’s training up a notch ... After all, this is all about #EverydayExcellence!


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